2016 Is Over.

Let’s face it, 2016 was a pretty shitty year. I’m sure we will never forget our election. We witnessed a man who we thought was a joke in the beginning, run for presidency and ACTUALLY take the cake! We lost Prince, who everyone believed he practically lived eternal life, disappear overnight. Our country’s media constantly covered so many killings and divided us as a nation even more. People were constantly yelling, “Black Lives Matter”, “All Lives Matter”, or even, “Gorilla Lives Matter” (RIP Harambe). All in all, I’m sure most of us are ready for this year to be over. We are so ready to grab 2017 by the jugular, forget the upsets and annoying social media posts and juju on that beat (it’s catchy) onto the most positive road to come!

On behalf of Alexis and I (Amber), we would like to welcome you to our newest blog, “LexFudge.” We are here to uplift, encourage and just be an outlet to other people out in this interesting, chaotic universe. We hope to bring you more at peace with yourself and occasionally hit you with a few laughs…because who doesn’t love to laugh right? Lol. We will touch on topics such as life, random personal thoughts, style, dating, friendships, & spirituality so come get into our benevolent souls because we are here for not only you, but for ourselves! Seriously we need a break …the world is hectic.

We will get more into you all getting to  know us, our blog name, and all of the goods a little later with plenty of juicy, fun categories. For now, be enlightened by knowing you will be introduced to our sincere hearts, loving personalities, rockin’ fashion senses and smoking good looks ( Sarcasm is accepted here) ;). Hope this all finds you well! Peace be with you to end this 2016! 


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